Established in 2008

A textile agency is a type of business or organization that operates within the textile industry, facilitating various aspects of the textile supply chain. These agencies often serve as intermediaries or facilitators between textile manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers. They play a crucial role in connecting different entities within the textile industry and providing services that aid in the production, distribution, and sale of textiles.

Functions and services provided by textile agencies may include:

  1. Sourcing and Procurement: Textile agencies may assist businesses in sourcing raw materials like fabrics, fibers, dyes, and other components required for textile production. They might negotiate with suppliers to secure the best prices and quality for their clients.

  2. Manufacturing and Production: Some textile agencies may work closely with manufacturers, coordinating the production process for textiles, ensuring adherence to quality standards, and overseeing the manufacturing timeline.

  3. Marketing and Sales: Textile agencies might engage in marketing and sales activities on behalf of textile manufacturers or suppliers. This could involve promoting textiles to potential buyers, showcasing new collections, or participating in trade shows and exhibitions.

  4. Export and Import Services: Agencies may facilitate the export and import of textiles, handling logistics, customs clearance, and documentation required for international trade.

  5. Quality Control and Compliance: They might also perform quality control checks to ensure that the textiles meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. This includes checking for durability, colorfastness, and other quality parameters.

  6. Consultation and Advisory Services: Some textile agencies offer consulting services to clients, providing advice on market trends, product development, and strategies to improve efficiency within the textile supply chain.

These agencies operate within a complex network of manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and other entities involved in the textile industry. Their role is crucial in facilitating smooth and efficient transactions, improving access to markets, and ensuring the timely delivery of textile products.


The mission of a textile agency can vary based on its specialization, target market, and objectives. However, the primary mission of a textile agency typically revolves around serving as an intermediary or facilitator within the textile industry.


To be a leading global textile agency committed to revolutionizing the industry through innovation, sustainability, and seamless collaboration, while continuously exceeding stakeholders' expectations.